(Just for the record!)


Class fees include the highest quality supplies at all times, but STAMPERS! and our teachers reserve the right to substitute even at the last minute, any exciting last minute products that we might have just found.


All class registrations must be accompanied by full payment. This is the only way we have to guarantee your seat in any class. We have no problem taking Visa, MasterCard or American Express over the phone or via email. (No postdated checks will be accepted- sorry.)


ALL class fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another class.   Not all classes have “kits” that can be saved and given to you later either, although if you give us at least 24 hours notice that you can’t make it we will try and save you one if there is. (If you call at the last minute to cancel, or worse, just not show up, don’t expect anything, not even sympathy.)


 If WE cancel a class for any reason at all, you are entitled to a full refund or an in-store merchandise credit- your choice.


Many times guest teachers will bring extra projects and samples to inspire you. Feel free to bring a camera to take photos of these. (None of these may be uploaded to any website without the teacher’s permission, though.)


NO CELL PHONES are welcome in ANY class or demo.  If you have a life that requires instant communication with the outside world, probably our classes and demos are not for you. No apologies for this, but we have found that the cell phones are rude, intrusive and disrespectful to the other students and teachers.  (This applies to having it on “vibrate” too.)  Please remember that we do have a phone at the store and we will be happy to take a message for you, or even, in case of a real emergency, call you out of class. (Having a family member call you to ask what is on the menu for dinner is not an emergency.)


Class projects are NOT always finished in class, no matter how hard we try.  If the class is one with an extensive project, we might set an optional additional time for you (and any others from the same class) to come in to the classroom and finish the project for a small additional cost. (This option, if available, will be given you before the end of the specific class.)


Classes will start on time. No exceptions.  If you show up late, please do not expect the teacher to go back and start again. This is not fair to the other students or to the teacher!


Class end times are approximate.  They could run over!  If the goal is to finish the projects we do not want to have to hustle you out while you are having fun (and have all the supplies in front of you), but if you have to leave we completely understand!


Class kits are usually required for ALL hands-on classes, BUT NOT FOR DEMOS. While everything on the class kit list below is useful and recommended, you may not use every item at every class, and there might be the odd other items that you might be specially requested to bring (maybe a gold Krylon pen, or fancy edged scissors, or specific markers or glues) for specific classes. If you are not sure please feel free to ask.


Recommended class kit supplies: 6" cork backed metal ruler, craft knife, small cutting mat, glue stick, double stick tape, pen or pencil, scissors, white eraser, puff static bag, tweezers. 


All projects done in any classes are meant to be unique, one of a kind works of art. This means that yours WILL NOT be exactly the same as your neighbour beside you, or for that matter even the same as the class sample. This is a GOOD thing, okay?


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